Friday, June 28, 2013

Family Weekend {Father's Day 2013}

Jason and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago and were reflecting on how our tradition was typically to get away for a night, just the two of us.  Tradition has changed and while we miss our little getaway, we treasure the new tradition we have created.  Father's Day weekend marked the fourth year of taking the family to Door County.  This is definitely one of the kids' favorite annual "events" (Father's Day weekend seems to work well as it generally just follows our anniversary and the end of the school year).  As soon as school is out (and typically before), they are asking if / when we are going to Door County. 

This year, of course, was extra sweet as we got to go as a family of six.  Last year during our Door County weekend we were in the stage of anticipation, wondering when we would see the face of our daughter.  We had no idea that it would be that next week!   His timing is always perfect, even when we doubt.

The highlights of the weekend included:

1. Swimming in the warm indoor pool
2. Playing in the sand at the hotel's beach on the lake
3. Miniature golfing
4. Eating Ice Cream
5. Cramming two adults and four sugared-up kids in a hotel room with two queen size beds Sweet family time

Warning ~ many photos to follow ...

This picture needs a little commentary ~ this was Nora's first time in the sand, she wasn't quite sure of it as evidenced by the death grip she has on her sister's swimsuit!

And yes, it did not take long for her to realize that the sand is fun, even getting buried in it is kind of neat! 


The boys were quite happy with their choice of "Pudgy Bunny" sundaes!
And, that was Door County 2013!

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