Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Yellow Brick Road

Actually, no yellow-brick road journey for us to see the Wizard.  We have confirmed that indeed, Jack does have a brain.  We have clear evidence based on his MRI this week.  The tech gave him a large x-ray which includes four different images of his head / brain.  He thought that was really cool, and I couldn’t help but tease that I was happy to confirm that he has a brain. 

The MRI looked great, nothing unusual there.  So thankful!  The EEG had abnormalities and did show “epileptic activity” which we are in the process of getting further information on.  At this point, Jack’s restrictions remain for a period of time.  But, no further treatment unless he has another seizure.  We will be praying that God’s will is no more seizures!!!

Thanks for everyone’s care and prayers ~ Jack has certainly felt loved on, as have we.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

This deserves a few statements:
1. Yes, this is Samuel.
2. Yes, he is 7 years old.
3. Yes, he is in a "baby float."

'Nuff said ...

P.S.  Jack is doing great ~ I'll post an update on test results soon!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Worry ... Angst ... Fear ... Anguish ...

Worry:  to feel or experience concern or anxiety
Worrywart:  a person who is inclined to worry unduly
Nervous Nellie:  refer to Worrywart above

I could go on and on … simply said, I have a tendency to worry.  I know that I’m directed not to worry, not to be anxious.

“Therefore, do not be anxious”
Matthew 6:31

But, I still do.  Jack is 2 ½ hours away … I know he is good hands and is being watched over, but a mama’s heart is a mama’s heart.

After much prayer, we sent Jack to camp this week with a few restrictions (for example, no swimming).  The recommendation from his pediatrician was to consider a camp in July since we don’t yet have a better idea on the “odds” of reoccurrence of a seizure, and the pediatric neurologist commented that she usually doesn’t recommend overnight camps for “her seizure patients” (I am currently in the state of denying that Jack is actually a seizure patient until we know more).

On the drive back from Jack’s Milwaukee appointment last Thursday, Jason and I were debating whether we should still let Jack go to camp this week.  We knew it was something we needed to continue to pray about.  And, in my "need answers in my time" kind of way, I told Jason that I just wanted a neon sign telling us what to do.  Although not a neon sign, we certainly felt God’s grace Thursday evening as we unexpectedly found out that the medical team at camp this week is a couple from our church.  What are the chances?!?!?!?  What a gift!  This mama certainly felt that to be reassuring.  And, they are as sweet as can be (I’ve gotten a few reassuring texts from them which is probably breaking the camp rules).  So thankful ...
Jack with his Cousins at Camp 2012
Ethan, Garrett & Jack

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day 2012

These kiddos adore their daddy and so do I!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

I know the point of Wordless Wednesday is to post a photo without words ... but, really, I couldn't resist - check this girl out ...tank, diaper, skinned knees, rainboots, and crazy hair ... bouncing on the trampoline.  This girl makes us laugh!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

13 Years

Happy Anniversary, Babe!

You balance me ~ and, as stubborn as I am I recognize that your patience and easy-going nature keeps us grounded.  I love you today and always.
Sweetheart Dinner 2012
Jason as Jack Frost ... Me as Me

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our Week in Review

We have had a full week, full of a few unexpected twists and turns and some pretty significant milestones.  The week started out fairly normal with the official start of baseball (Jack's first game of the season) and the wind-down at school as the kids had their end of year field trips.

On Wednesday night came the unexpected which landed Jack an ambulance ride to the ER. Shortly after the boys had fallen asleep, Jason and I heard an odd sound from their room.  We found Jack in a full seizure (only we didn't know it was a seizure at the time as we had never seen anyone seize before).  Admittedly, it was horrible to see our child in this state and quite frightening as Jack came out of the seizure and was unresponsive, couldn't focus, couldn't squeeze my hand, speech was slurred, etc..  They did blood tests and a CT Scan at the hospital, the results of which showed nothing unusual.  Later this week we will see a pediatric neurologist, and Jack will have an MRI and an EEG.  We are praying that the doctor will get a better understanding whether this is a onetime thing or if it might occur again.  Until we know more, Jack has a few restrictions - no biking, no swimming, no climbing, no video games.  He can play baseball though!!!!  I have a whole new perspective and compassion for families with children that have seizure disorders.

Looking at Jack Thursday morning already, you would have never known what had happened Wednesday evening.  And, best of all, his doctor gave him the a-okay to go to school Thursday afternoon.  So thankful for that as it was his last day of school and a milestone - his last day as a student at the elementary school!

Here are a few pictures from the last day of school - so thankful for these kiddos of ours!
Last Day at the Elementary School Together

Love this teacher ... she was my 1st grade teacher, Jack's and Samuel's

What a great year Jack had under his teacher's instruction

And, today we unexpectedly ended up hanging out with Jon and Rita and the kids again.  The kids (um, Jason and Jon inclusive) had such a fun day of just being kids!

Before this though, I have to highlight that in a way that only God can orchestrate after a week like this, He spoke to my heart in the message this morning which was "just" two short verses from Philippians (3:10-11):

that I may know him and the power of his resurrection, and may share his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, that by any means possible I may attain the resurrection from the dead.

If we know Christ, if we understand the power of his resurrection, we will find that we cannot overcome our circumstances but it is the power of his resurrection that allows us to overcome our trials.  It is the resurrection that gives us the ability to cope when things don't go exactly as we've planned and when we do not understand the purpose.  We have hope in Him.  This is not to say that I'm not still a nervous nelly and that I'm not still fearful as I am ... I am a work in progress.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Being Spontaneous

So, I'm fairly certain that I've already established this, but just in case there is any question - I am admittedly not good at spontaneous.  My comfort zone is in planning, planning, planning!  I need to become more comfortable with spontaneity as man, it can be fun.

We spent a fun night with Jon, Rita and the kids last night.  We were heading home when Jason commented that we should stop by the cemetery as my brother and his wife left a solar frog out there for Owen's birthday (you can see Lydia patting its head on the second photo in the post below).  And, how often are we out and about as a family, after dark? 

The cemetery isn't exactly on the way home, but that is where we ended up last night at 9:30 p.m., a tad after the kids should have been in bed.  The frog was lit up - very fun!
Photo is not the best, but you get the idea ... the red light is a solar ladybug that Jason's parents put out on Owen's birthday ... the green is the frog

Had we not been spontaneous, we might have missed fireflies!  I have memories of catching fireflies when I was a camp counselor as a teenager, and Jason and I drove threw "herds" of them on our way out to Colorado years ago.  But, we have never experienced them as a family.  Until last night!

Jason was able to catch one, and the kids got to examine it up close (wish I would have taken a photo!).  And, the giggles really ensued when the firefly flew out of Jason's hand and onto Lydia's pajama collar.  It then became a little bit of a hide and seek game.  What a sight to see the kids chasing fireflies at the cemetery on a Saturday night!  

Makes me wonder, how often am I so planful that I am missing out on these sweet opportunities?  How often am I so planful that I am missing out on God's plan for me?