Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bins of Memories

We have been "spring cleaning" here in preparation for our first ever rummage sale in early May.  After we had Lydia, I went through all of our boy clothes and donated bags of clothes ... admittedly, lots of bags.  And, admittedly, we still had a lot of stuff left ... little outfits, clothing and shoes that I was too emotionally attached to and thus I just couldn't part with yet.  We had BINS of stuff left (I guess the boys had a fairly decent wardrobe as babies and tots!).

These past couple of months, I have been going through the leftover bins and preparing for our first ever rummage sale where I will try to detach my memories of the boys as babies and little boys from these bins of clothes (another admission, there are bins to the side and behind these as well).
Yes, there are some things I still cannot part with.
And, I've debated posting this, but in full disclosure, we are going to do the rummage sale as an adoption fundraiser, putting the proceeds toward bringing China Girl home and her related medical expenses (yes, adoption is crazy expensive!).  If anyone else is doing any spring cleaning and has any items they'd like to donate to the rummage sale, you know where to find us! 

Every day, we are feeling that China Girl is out there, and we are just waiting for that day when we get "the call" and get to see her precious face.
Hey Little Sis, we're waiting for you!