Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Today we "celebrate" Owen's 4th birthday.  Our Owen would have been four today, he would be finishing up his first year of preschool, he would have likely been riding a two-wheeler (if he was like his big brothers), he might have been tow-headed like Samuel or maybe darker with a halo of natural highlights like Jack, he would surely have made us laugh, and we have no doubt he would have been stubborn.  We can speculate and ponder all of this, but one thing is certain - we do know that Owen is complete, he is whole.  And, we can only imagine what his birthday celebration is like at the feet of Jesus.
A Visit to the Cemetery
Birthday Treats as We Remember Owen

Breaking Tradition of Releasing Balloons and Instead Releasing Chinese Lanterns
(thank you, special friends for these ~ we love the meaning that these have and pray that Owen is sharing this moment with your little ones in heaven)

Remembering our sweet Owen
and the footprint he has made in our lives.
We love you sweet one and miss you always!
Happy 4th Birthday ...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Family Life Update

When I started this blog, one of its purposes was to just document life in general.  And, I realize that it’s been a while since I’ve done a random post about what’s happening in the life of the LilyQ’s (crazy to think that I might have some followers who are interested in these ramblings ... humbling).

Let’s start with “the boys” … I’m still floored that 2.5 years ago we had to start saying “the kids” or “the family” … I was so accustomed to saying “the boys” … okay, I’m officially rambling.
Jack is just finishing up his last couple of weeks at the elementary school.  Man, even typing that makes my eyes well.  Next year he’ll be at the middle school as a 5th grader.  It’s been a fun school year - Jack continues to be social and has a good mix of buddies (he still hangs out with the girls as well).  Jack has a lot of potential, but let’s just say he doesn’t fully apply himself (I’m okay admitting that here, he is well aware of this!). 

Soccer is just wrapping up with a couple of weeks left and little league has just begun.  We really do enjoy watching the boys (there we go again) participate in team sports.  But, I must admit that being at the ballpark is one of our favorites.  Actual games will start in a little over a week, we’re excited to see how the boys (and, again) have improved.  And, Jack will likely be one of the starting pitchers which, admittedly, makes this mama quite proud. 
Samuel is just finishing up 1st grade.  It will be quite a change for him next year as well as he's spent the past three years at the same school as Jack.  Both boys have been blessed this year with amazing teachers.  Looking back on the year I'd have to say that it has been amazing to watch Samuel become such a proficient reader and story-teller (admittedly, this has his pluses and minuses!).

Samuel is also wrapping up the soccer season and has begun coach-pitch baseball.  While Samuel enjoys playing sports, it is usually just as entertaining to watch him being social and quite silly on the sidelines with his friends.  We haven't quite figured out if this is an age thing or if this is just how Samuel rolls. 

Continuing with the line-up, our sweet little Owen would be four next week.  This is the first time that his birthday will fall on a work day, midweek.  Up to this point, it's been on the weekend or on the Memorial Day holiday.  We traditionally have done a picnic lunch at the cemetery.  I need to find peace in knowing that we may need to alter tradition slightly ... I need to find peace in knowing that this is okay.  
And, on to the little miss who altered our "the boys" approach.  Miss Lydia is a joy.  It's not all sunshine, she does challenge us, but she is so much fun.  We see so much of the boys in her at this age.  She is just starting to talk more in multiple word sentences.  Honestly, I was a little worried and thought that she may have some sort of hearing impairment (when she was born it took a few tries for one of her ears to test "normal") as her speech seemed delayed to me.  But, perhaps she's just been taking it all in ... and, as I've said before, it is probably hard for the girl to get a few words in with all of the other chatter in the house.  Now, she just needs to work on her colors, not everything is blue!

Completing the line-up, we continue to pray China Girl home.  No new updates at this point.

I was traveling for work last week (here's a clue as to where I was).  

Such an exciting place to be with the Queen's upcoming Diamond Jubilee and the impending Summer Olympics.  While it's always hard to be away from the family, there is an amazing team at our regional offices here.  It was a great trip, I felt so welcomed!

And, of course, it helps to be away when you have such a capable hubby at home.  I don't say it often enough, but I am truly blessed ...

And that, my friends, is a little glimpse into recent happenings with the LilyQ's.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Children of God

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Saturday, May 5, 2012


Phew ... it's been a crazy busy few weeks around here as we were preparing for the "big sale" ~ well worth the late nights, crazy schedules, continuous hunt for MORE hangers, neon dots all over, etc. 
An Example of the Random Neon Dots ... On a Mirror in our Bedroom

The sale went really well ~ so thankful to all who donated items, gave advice, and stopped by unexpectedly (you know who you are, what an awesome surprise!!) and so thankful for the opportunity to connect with others as well, sharing stories. 
This little stinker was my "helper" for most of the sale, always wanting to be outside with me.  She was often found in the garage "reading" the for sale books, putting price stickers on her belly, "rearranging" the sucker tree (always with a comment "Lydia - sucker - tomorrow) or sitting in one of the car seats we were selling.  She was often asked if she was for sale ~ her response:  "One dollar"  No, my dear, you are priceless. 

The past few days really required a team effort ~ Jason was awesome in getting my "store front" set up and being quite a trooper with the late nights, Jack was a big helper in getting a donation jar made for the sucker tree and also in helping me move things, get set up, etc.  And, poor little Samuel, he wanted to help, but he came down with something on Thursday and is just on the mend as of today (praying that he hasn't "shared" with anyone else!). 

It will be special to look back on these days and reflect on how we all came together for something that brings us one step closer to bringing China Girl home, home into her forever family.  Little Miss, God has a plan for you and us, and we eagerly anticipate when we will get to see your sweet face. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Glimpse ...

Rummage sale "officially" starts tonight ... had a few early bird shoppers ... some even made a serious dent in the boys' clothes.  Thank you to all for your prayers, encouragement and blessings as we prepare for this weekend ... amazing donation of bins of clothes from a friend, a donation of my favorite bibs - handmade by my mom-in-law, advice on pricing, etc..  This has been quite a week ... love how our "store front" turned out though ... the only thing missing is cute recycled CD clothes dividers, right friend?  :)