Saturday, May 5, 2012


Phew ... it's been a crazy busy few weeks around here as we were preparing for the "big sale" ~ well worth the late nights, crazy schedules, continuous hunt for MORE hangers, neon dots all over, etc. 
An Example of the Random Neon Dots ... On a Mirror in our Bedroom

The sale went really well ~ so thankful to all who donated items, gave advice, and stopped by unexpectedly (you know who you are, what an awesome surprise!!) and so thankful for the opportunity to connect with others as well, sharing stories. 
This little stinker was my "helper" for most of the sale, always wanting to be outside with me.  She was often found in the garage "reading" the for sale books, putting price stickers on her belly, "rearranging" the sucker tree (always with a comment "Lydia - sucker - tomorrow) or sitting in one of the car seats we were selling.  She was often asked if she was for sale ~ her response:  "One dollar"  No, my dear, you are priceless. 

The past few days really required a team effort ~ Jason was awesome in getting my "store front" set up and being quite a trooper with the late nights, Jack was a big helper in getting a donation jar made for the sucker tree and also in helping me move things, get set up, etc.  And, poor little Samuel, he wanted to help, but he came down with something on Thursday and is just on the mend as of today (praying that he hasn't "shared" with anyone else!). 

It will be special to look back on these days and reflect on how we all came together for something that brings us one step closer to bringing China Girl home, home into her forever family.  Little Miss, God has a plan for you and us, and we eagerly anticipate when we will get to see your sweet face. 

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Nikki said...

I was tracking with you the last few days---so thankful for all the ways God blessed and provided. You're right, the memories of this weekend will forever hold a special place in your heart as you rehearse the story of God's grace and provision to China Girl---and each of your kids---for years to come. XOXO