Friday, November 29, 2013

Thankful ...

Thankful for these turkeys ...
Thankful for a family day this week to explore the Shedd Aquarium ...

Thankful for a family day that also included a tour of the Jelly Belly warehouse ... resulting in Samuel transforming into Jelly Bean Joe on Thanksgiving ...

Thankful for this guy who was willing to stand in line with me to get two of a coveted Christmas item (our only "Black Friday" shopping) ... it was kind of like a date ...

Thankful for all that God has blessed us with!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Little Green Man ... Again

Two summers ago we did a road trip to St. Louis, and I posted about Lydia's friend - "Little Green Man".  These memories came back in a flood when Nora, this morning at the library, was trying to drag around their "Little Green Man".

Um, please keep "Little Green Man" where the library has purposefully placed him.

Yes, you, you little stinker with lovely hat hair.

Lydia - July 2011
I would have gotten a photo of Lydia with "Little Green Man" today, but she was too busy running around, chasing one of Samuel's friends with a puppet ... yes, in the library, which was probably driving "Little Green Man" crazy since his motto is, after all, "SLOW". 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

this is how she rolls ...

Before I start, a quick Baby Gracie update - hurdles include learning to nurse and maintaining oxygen levels on her own.  For more updates (and super sweet photos of Amy holding Grace), hop over to Amy's blog ... praying Grace home, the commuting and the balancing time between the other littles at home must be exhausting!


I was doing a little photo clean-up ... and couldn't help but smile when I came across these ... Lydia with her "buddies" late this summer.  She was obsessed with a turtle we "rescued" (although I'm sure the turtle would beg to differ on whether he was truly rescued or not) and a little toad ... oh dear.
On a side note, apparently she was really liking this star shirt at that time as these were two separate days ... the star shirt has since been replaced with the now favorite Superman shirt.
Seriously ... this is what she finds as we were taking inventory of cold weather gear ... an old Batman beanie cap ... sigh
We certainly do adore her ... and, I'm thankful that Super~Bat~Girl is at least wearing purple-toed socks.  Only the infamous HULK mask could complete this look!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Baby Grace {Prayer Request}

You may remember Amy from previous posts (she is our sweet cousin who took photos of our homecoming with Nora and family photos a few weeks after we were home – she loved on us in big ways).  Amy and her husband have a beautiful big family … I am enamored with big families.  And, Amy and John do the “big family gig” well. 

Last Friday, Amy delivered their eighth child, a sweet baby girl (their second girl … yep, six boys … two girls).  The delivery was not as planned, Miss Grace came a month early and was delivered via emergency c-section as Amy’s uterus had ruptured.  I won’t go into all of the details, you can read a bit more about their journey at Amy’s blogSo thankful that Amy is recovering well, and Miss Grace shows improvements every day. 

I ask that you lift this family up in prayer as there are still unknowns.  Throughout this past week, God’s hand has been so evident in every detail ~ it has been a beautiful thing to watch this family continue to praise God and give him the glory throughout. 

Cannot wait to see this beautiful Mama hold her precious baby … prayerfully soon …