Monday, August 1, 2011

Lydia's New Friend

Meet "little green man" ~
This is Lydia's new friend.  Unfortunately, "little green man" lives in St. Louis.  Bummer.  Lydia was obsessed with her new "friend" that she met at a water park last week.  She kept walking up to "him" saying "hi" in her sweet little toddler voice. 

And, she even had hugs for the "little green man."   
I couldn't help but be reminded of Kelly's daughter Harper at Kelly's Korner who was enamored by the mannequins at Old Navy.  So funny!


Rita said...

Did you know that little green man resides at Walmart as well? You may have to take a visit so she doesn't go into withdrawls:)

manymasons said...

So cute! I have always wanted to get a "little green man" for our driveway. Maybe you should get one too so Lydia will always have her "friend" with her. :)


Heidi said...

Those pictures are so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Too cute!