Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Today we "celebrate" Owen's 4th birthday.  Our Owen would have been four today, he would be finishing up his first year of preschool, he would have likely been riding a two-wheeler (if he was like his big brothers), he might have been tow-headed like Samuel or maybe darker with a halo of natural highlights like Jack, he would surely have made us laugh, and we have no doubt he would have been stubborn.  We can speculate and ponder all of this, but one thing is certain - we do know that Owen is complete, he is whole.  And, we can only imagine what his birthday celebration is like at the feet of Jesus.
A Visit to the Cemetery
Birthday Treats as We Remember Owen

Breaking Tradition of Releasing Balloons and Instead Releasing Chinese Lanterns
(thank you, special friends for these ~ we love the meaning that these have and pray that Owen is sharing this moment with your little ones in heaven)

Remembering our sweet Owen
and the footprint he has made in our lives.
We love you sweet one and miss you always!
Happy 4th Birthday ...


Nikki said...

Remembering with you, our friends...thanking God for your well-made gift...praying for your hearts...loving you always. XOXO

Amy said...

I love that you celebrate Owen each year and that his siblings will always know him!

Really like the chinese lantern! It is okay to break tradition once in awhile. :)

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Owen! Your life is celebrated regularly in such awesome ways by your wonderful family!! You are missed - you ARE loved - and you will always be remembered! PS The Chinese lanterns sound like a fun new tradition - blessings to all - Vaunie