Sunday, June 3, 2012

Being Spontaneous

So, I'm fairly certain that I've already established this, but just in case there is any question - I am admittedly not good at spontaneous.  My comfort zone is in planning, planning, planning!  I need to become more comfortable with spontaneity as man, it can be fun.

We spent a fun night with Jon, Rita and the kids last night.  We were heading home when Jason commented that we should stop by the cemetery as my brother and his wife left a solar frog out there for Owen's birthday (you can see Lydia patting its head on the second photo in the post below).  And, how often are we out and about as a family, after dark? 

The cemetery isn't exactly on the way home, but that is where we ended up last night at 9:30 p.m., a tad after the kids should have been in bed.  The frog was lit up - very fun!
Photo is not the best, but you get the idea ... the red light is a solar ladybug that Jason's parents put out on Owen's birthday ... the green is the frog

Had we not been spontaneous, we might have missed fireflies!  I have memories of catching fireflies when I was a camp counselor as a teenager, and Jason and I drove threw "herds" of them on our way out to Colorado years ago.  But, we have never experienced them as a family.  Until last night!

Jason was able to catch one, and the kids got to examine it up close (wish I would have taken a photo!).  And, the giggles really ensued when the firefly flew out of Jason's hand and onto Lydia's pajama collar.  It then became a little bit of a hide and seek game.  What a sight to see the kids chasing fireflies at the cemetery on a Saturday night!  

Makes me wonder, how often am I so planful that I am missing out on these sweet opportunities?  How often am I so planful that I am missing out on God's plan for me?

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Rita said...

Love. this. post. :)

And be thankful that Jon wasn't around, becuase he would have insisted on smooshing the firefly and painting it on your kids...yes, it really still glows!