Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Yellow Brick Road

Actually, no yellow-brick road journey for us to see the Wizard.  We have confirmed that indeed, Jack does have a brain.  We have clear evidence based on his MRI this week.  The tech gave him a large x-ray which includes four different images of his head / brain.  He thought that was really cool, and I couldn’t help but tease that I was happy to confirm that he has a brain. 

The MRI looked great, nothing unusual there.  So thankful!  The EEG had abnormalities and did show “epileptic activity” which we are in the process of getting further information on.  At this point, Jack’s restrictions remain for a period of time.  But, no further treatment unless he has another seizure.  We will be praying that God’s will is no more seizures!!!

Thanks for everyone’s care and prayers ~ Jack has certainly felt loved on, as have we.

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