Sunday, July 1, 2012

Friday Night Eats

A friend, Kim, is super creative - one of her specialties is "Silly Suppers" - themed suppers.  Man, she comes up with some great ideas!!!

This past Friday night, we did a little themed supper here.  Check it out!  You may enjoy the interesting techniques being exhibited with the chopsticks.

If you think there is any hidden meaning here, you might be right!  More soon!


Nikki said...

Still grinning from ear to ear...rejoicing...praying...and sending so much love! XO

Kim said...

OH MY WORD!!!! Leave us hanging like that....praying, praising and so excited to hear details!! Yahoo!

Dana said...

So...your kids actually look like they did better with their chopsticks than I did when I was in China. I would stab the honey dew melon with a chopstick every morning at breakfast, until finally the last day a waiter saw me and handed me a fork - who knew they had forks in Lanzhou?!?