Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"China Girl" Update

It is with great joy that we "formally" share an update on our little miss.  I know that I was driving some of you crazy with the hints below. 

We have been matched to and accepted a referral for our little "China Girl" who will now be known as our Nora Jane (I'll post about her name at some point).  Our little Nora is in an orphanage in the Gansu province and is nearly one (her birthday is this Sunday, July 8th).  Little miss has congenital cleft lip and palate (again, I'll post more about what this means in terms of surgeries, treatments, therapies, etc.).

We are again in a waiting stage as we wait for our next round of approvals and paperwork.  After which we should have a better idea of timing of travel (likely this fall). And, at that point we should be able to post a photo here and share our beautiful daughter.  She is beautiful!

We are in awe of God's timing and all of the ways He is showing Himself in this journey ... His grace is so clearly evident in this story.

"I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you."  John 14:18

We love you baby girl and are waiting with joyful anticipation to bring you home!


Anonymous said...

What AWESOME news! How excited you must all be, especially during this recent roller coaster you've been on with Jack! Please keep us all posted on the progress and enjoy this wonderful time. Love, Christine

Anonymous said...

What joyful, exciting news!!! So happy for all of you....and especially for little Nora Jane, who's going to have her own home and family, very soon!


Dana said...

Love your blog!!! Was just reading through it - and I'm so excited for you as you get closer to meeting your sweet little Nora Jane! I can't wait to see pictures! And it was funny to me to read that you call her "China girl" - that's exactly what David (my husband) called Anna until she came home...even from the pulpit when he would talk about her...and everyone made fun of him for it - ha!

Dana said...

AND I love your fundraiser - I just bought a t-shirt!