Saturday, July 28, 2012

At the Ballpark

Taking a little break from posting on our adoption journey - praying that our next update will be our next approval when we can post photos of our sweet Nora!!!  In the meantime ...

We spend a lot of time at the ballpark in the summer, and we love it!!!  Here's a glimpse into this weekend's ballpark activities.


Samuel did coach pitch baseball again this summer.  His last game was today - proud of the boy!  He made tremendous progress on general skills and was quite attentive during his games.

Okay, this photo was actually from two weeks ago, I didn't get a good photo of Samuel batting this weekend ...



Proud of this boy too!  Jack showed a lot of leadership on the field this year!  Love it!

What a good group of boys!!!


Yes, Lydia needs her own section as you will find her at the ballpark for all of the boys' games.  Most of the time she is asking for Samuel to chase her when Jack is playing or she's asking for lollipops!  Today, she hit the jackpot as Jack's coach's MIL made the best sugar cookies ever (think bakery style!) and of course, included Samuel and Lydia.  We love the coach's family and this community!  We are blessed! 

Baseball wraps up this next week, what will we do with ourselves the rest of summer???

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