Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Gift {Photos from Kirstin Roethel Photography}

You may remember me posting that shortly after we were home Amy graciously asked if she could take family photos for us, and she helped design our fun Christmas card.  Amy does photography as a hobby, and I'm thankful she graciously offered to photograph our family for "practice."  I'm also thankful for beautiful family photos with Nora pre-surgery.

Well, shortly before we left for China, a photographer in our community, Kirstin Roethel, approached me at a soccer game (our kids play sports together) and asked if she could do family photos as part of Project Jane.  Project Jane is Kirstin's way of giving back in memory of her mom, an amazing lady who made it a priority to serve.  The offer was humbling.

A couple of weeks ago we had our session, here are some of my favorites.  We will treasure these as they continue to tell the story of our family.

Thank you, Kirstin, this was truly a gift!


Nikki said...

Beautiful, precious pics that capture the love you share as a family!

Kirstin Roethel said...

Thank you for being an inspiration to others!