Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A First {Lydia's 1st Haircut}

I had not cut Lydia's hair ... at all ... not even a trim (even when she was going through that dreaded mullet phase), and I'm thankful to report that the boys didn't cut her hair either nor did she cut it herself (all tales that dear ones have shared with me).  But, it was time.  For the occasion I took her to the salon that I go to (which, yes, family readers, I did feel a tad guilty about not having my niece do it since she is a stylist ... but this was just for the first ... I'm sure "Birdnee" will be giving Lydia lots of cuts in the future). 
I had this mental picture of what Lydia would wear to her first haircut, you know, something really cutesy as this was surely an outing to be photograghed.  But, she just wasn't having it.  And, I could tell she was a little anxious about having her hair cut, not certain what to expect.  Alas, I avoided this battle and let the girl don her camo cargo shorts and pink converse which is a better reflection of her anyhow.
After a few little tears, she did great!  And, she loved getting hairspray in hair because "it smells sooooooo good!"  We had to smell her hair many times that night!  It's hard to tell from the before pictures as her hair was quite fine and light on the ends, but she got about three inches cut off the back and everything all evened out.  

Our little girl is growing up too fast!

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Nikki said...

So glad I had the pleasure of smelling her hair that night! :) Love her camos with her pink converse---such a perfect blend.