Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A day with my boys ...

This past weekend we surprised the boys with an end-of-the-school-year date day with mom.  We went to the ballpark for a game, it ended up being a beautiful day (and a great game with lots of excitement).  Thankful that these boys are still okay hanging out with their mom for the day.

At the Ballpark
The Boys
Blue-Eyed Brothers
Aoki Samuel
The last photo makes me smile big and will be a constant reminder of the boys' and their boy humor and silliness.  Did I mention that there was a lot of boy humor on our date day?  Anyhow, this cutout of Aoki entertained Samuel all the way home as he tried to make it look like Aoki was sitting in one of the girls' car seats.  After we got home Samuel made a few videos of Aoki ... Aoki sleeping in Samuel's bed (all snuggled under the covers) ... Aoki stuck in his drawer ... you get the idea, and while I'm tempted to post a video, I'll spare you as finding Aoki in random places in the house is a little creepy.
Thankful for my boys ... boy humor and all ...

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