Friday, June 21, 2013

Seeing her face {Reflecting on 6.21.2012}

One year ago today we got "the call" from our agency, the call essentially announcing that we had a daughter on the other side of the globe.  We anxiously awaited the e-mail with photos and more information, I at work and Jason at home.  And, finally, this is what we saw.
Per Nora's Orphanage, photo was taken in March 2012
Beautiful, beautiful daughter.  Look at that silky pure skin, those intense brown eyes, that sweet round face, and as we know now, under all of those layers are the sweetest little toes. 

As I ponder and reflect on seeing her face for the first time, I cannot help but marvel at how God knits families together, marvel at His goodness and how He spoils us, His children.
Sweet child of ours, you are loved and treasured!


Melanie said...

Hey, we found out about Levi on the same day! I'm stealing your post idea, 2 days late! I've been wondering what I could post about and this never crossed my mind. Duh! Thanks for the idea ;)

Leggio said...

Such a beautiful face to see!!!!!! Blessings and love from Texas, and hope yall are having a Great weekend. :)Nora looks like she is doing so good.