Monday, June 10, 2013

China Girl Dress

While we were waiting for a referral we purchased (ordered online) this dress for Lydia from a shop on Shamian Island and paid way too much for shipping ... but these pictures of the girls wearing it were totally worth paying more for shipping than the dress.

Lydia at 17 Months ~ May 2011

The dress served as a physical reminder and sign to others that we were continuing down the adoption path.  During our pregnancy and after Lydia was born, this was the question that we most often got - were we going to continue to pursue adoption?  Y.E.S.

And, here is Miss Nora rockin' the China Girl dress.  Pure sweetness.

Nora at 22 Months ~ May 2013

These photos remind me of a conversation that the kids had this weekend along with conversations I have been having with friends lately.  The kids have been making comments like "I wish I had an Asian nose like Nora" ... "I wish I had big, brown almond eyes" ... "I wish I had her beautiful bronze sun-kissed skin" ... (okay, for the record, the last wish was me) ... And, I've had some great conversations with friends about how it's as if Nora is starting to really look like the other LilyKids.  I know it seems odd, but I see it too.

This is one area that will likely bring some of our more challenging, yet rewarding, parenting conversations ... the conversation that will ensue the day Nora realizes that her physical attributes are quite different than those of her siblings.  On that day we will do our best to tell her her story.  Her birth mom is my hero ... we will never understand the exact circumstances that lead to her giving Nora up, but she is my hero for carrying her, an ocean away.  My hero for allowing us to love Nora.  Nora's story is one of bravery, her story is important and when the day comes that Nora starts questioning, we pray that He will grant us a portion of her bravery to honestly, with raw emotion, tell her her story.

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Amy said...

Oh my -- I love it! Too precious!

I have noticed many children who are adopted begin to look like their siblings or parents. That fascinates me. Yes, sun-kissed skin would be nice. :)