Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shamian Island {Guangzhou, 10.28.2012}

How amazing to say that we have now been with Nora one full week! As the days go by, I continue to be in awe of her beauty, and I wonder how we will part with her amazing smile once home and once surgeries begin.  This girl is amazing, so strong.  And, quite exceptionally beautiful.  Like the way I felt when I cuddled Jack, Samuel and Lydia as infants, I have the same infatuation with this little one, I marvel at how God made her to be ours.

Today we went to Shamian Island.  This is where adoptive families used to stay while in Guangzhou, and it is home to the Swan Hotel (currently under renovation) with the historic and well-known red sofa where many, many adoptive Chinese babies and children have had their photos taken.  It is also where the US Consulate used to be. The Island isn’t really an Island, but it is surrounded by the Pearl River.  On the “Island” there are many little shops, restaurants, a park and historic, colonial buildings.  There were also many brides being photographed, some were truly brides being photographed in advance of their weddings, and some were for advertisements.

The “Island” also has the famous little statues of children that many adoptive families have photographed.

And, you can find many locals and adoptive families eating at the “famous” Lucy’s, a grill and pub.  This is where we also chose to eat lunch today!

It was a fun day!  Tomorrow is our US Consulate appointment, after which we should get Nora’s visa on Tuesday and then off to Hong Kong!  We are in the home stretch!!!


Anonymous said...

You're so right Heather, she is exceptionally beautiful - and how happy you all look! Amazing to think in just a few days you'll all be home and we'll be finally able to meet this precious little Nora in person :-) Keep enjoying this wonderful adventure and that gorgeous little girl! -Christine

Bethany said...

Nora is such a happy little peanut! Love her! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

It's been so fun following your journey this week - what a beautiful little girl! Also, can't help but notice the adorable clothes... did you bring an entire suitcase of fun clothes for your new little princess? :) Robyn

Nikki said...

Smiling with much joy and thankfulness, friend. Praying as you prepare for your Consulate appointment and looking forward to seeing you all SOON! XOXO