Monday, October 29, 2012

US Consulate and Shopping {Guangzhou, 10.29.2012}

First, Happy Anniversary to Jon and Rita!  So thankful for the two of you and so much gratitude to you for taking the kiddos these past two weekends, it is obvious they were well loved on!

Today we had our US Consulate appointment where we had to sign Nora’s Visa application and take an oath on her behalf.  Her Visa should be ready tomorrow afternoon and then we are on our way to Hong Kong.  At the US Consulate, cameras were not allowed beyond this point.

We are here with one other family from our agency, here is the token group photo at the hotel after the Consulate appointment.

This afternoon we went shopping with Ann from Red Thread (the woman who coordinated Nora’s care packages).  We went to jewelry markets and were successful in finding some jade for gifts!  The amount of jewelry and number of shops was insanely crazy!  I know no other way to describe it!

Nora continues to do well, and feedings are going better.  She only has formula at this point, but I have a plan to try to take her through a fast and furious feeding plan when we get home – baby cereal, the fruits and the vegetables.  We will see how that goes, I may be overly optimistic!  Our challenge right now is sleeping, she is being a bit “particular” with how she falls asleep and while she still finds comfort in her thumb, it seems she has, in just a short time, become dependent on falling asleep in our arms.  I am not complaining about this, not at all!  This girl has “missed” out on 15 months of consistent cuddling!

Awe, Mom, not another photo!

It is a bittersweet to think that this leg of our journey is nearly to an end.  We miss everyone at home immensely, but I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t say that “re-entry” into our daily lives scares me a bit, it is a bit overwhelming to think about how our everyday lives are going to change.  We will continue to pray for our hearts and the hearts of the kiddos as they meet their baby sister!  I know that there will be extreme highs and also times of trial.  But, I also know the One who goes before us.


Amy said...

Love the "Nora" shirt! So patriotic.

I am guessing that "re-entry" is going to be very much like bringing your other babies home. I always get a nervous pit in my stomach after a new baby wondering how this little one will fit into our normal routine and if I can even handle it. Change is never easy and this is a big one!

Very thankful that God does go before you and so many people are lifting all of you up to the throne of Grace.

Counting the days (and "sleeps")to welcoming you home!

Much Love!

Nikki said...

Don't mind me---just returning to get my "Nora" fix. XOXO

Paulette said...

I was at LLBC for the weekend, and went right to your blog last night to hear the latest,and see the newest photos. So great to read these updates and see Nora's sweet face. God is already preparing the way for your re-entry to home----one step, one day at a time. Can't wait to see Nora in person!