Wednesday, October 17, 2012

From Years to Months to Days to Hours

Friends, the countdown has dramatically changed.  In less than 12 hours we will board a plane that will begin our physical journey to Nora.  The emotions are crazy out of control, so much joy!  But, also heartache as I anticipate how Nora's life is going to change ... forever.  This brave little girl experienced loss as a newborn, when all that was familiar to her ... the sound of her family's voices, the smells ... was forever changed.  And, on Sunday, she will again experience great loss as once again everything changes, as she is placed in our arms, arms of strangers. 

Oh, how I want her to know that she is exquisitely beautiful and loved and that this is it.  This is forever, we are not going anywhere.  I know this will take time, and I know that not everything will be storybook.  But, I also have been reminded by wise friends that God goes before us.  He knows.  He knows the paths ahead, the paths of beauty and grace.  He knows that paths that may frustrate, challenge and deplete us ... giving us hope as we look to Him and gain strength.

When reviewing our itinerary, I cannot help but focus on Sunday, October 21st, Gotcha Day, the day we will meet our daughter, see her face to face.  But, I mourn Nora's loss, never knowing her birth family.  I do treasure the little glimpses into what we know of her past, the pieces we can share with her someday, the pieces that speak to the overwhelming love her birth family had for her ... to wrap their precious daughter in a pink blanket and travel, from who knows how far, to purposefully place their daughter in a location where they knew she would be found and cared for.  Oh, we are grateful for the love so clearly evident in this.  But, as I celebrate becoming a mom again, my heart breaks for Nora's birth mom.

Yet, I am grateful for this bittersweet time.  This time that God is working in me, in our family and in Nora.  So, I will choose to embrace it all, the hard and the over the top bliss, all of it.  Mourning.  Anticipation.  Fear.  Joy.  Grief.  Celebration.  Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and for loving on us and joining in our excitement.  Please join us in praying for Nora's heart and her healing.

So crazy excited for the next stage of this journey!


Kim said...

Oh no! I thought you left on Friday. I was going to drop off a little gift today. Sorry! Know I am praying for you guys every day and will be blog stalking:)

Beautiful post...can't wait to hear and see more....and then meet little Nora!!!

Nikki said...

I woke up with you on my heart, praying as you make your way to Nora. Sending so much love, eagerly awaiting updates, and trusting that the same God who so faithfully brought you this far will continue to bless, guide, and sustain you throughout the days ahead. What joy to know that this has been His plan from the beginning, friends. With you... XOXO

Elizabeth said...

love you!!!

Elizabeth said...

I thought I would share this with you... because within seconds of posting my thoughts on FB tonight, i had like after like on this 'status' and friends asking me to wish you guys well!!!! :

"This week I witnessed or heard multiple things that made me lose a little bit more faith in humanity...the kind of things that just don't make sense. But then tonight, I thought about my friend, on a plane to China right now, days from meeting her new daughter, a Chinese orphan, and my faith is restored, because, things like that -they make sense."

Jen Cruz said...

How exciting!!! I hope that you have a safe journey to Nora and that you all have a safe journey home. I cannot wait to see pictures of Nora with her family! Sending prayers!!

Paulette said...

This is so beautifully many emotions, so much happening. God is faithful, and His hand is over all of you....He will provide all you and Nora need. Praying ~