Saturday, October 27, 2012

Medical Appointment {Guangzhou, 10.27.2012}

Today we had Nora’s medical appointment.  The girl is 18.2 kg (with her clothes on) which is approximately 18 pounds, seriously top heavy (in an adorable way of course).  So, our very sophisticated measurement of 17 pounds earlier this week was fairly accurate.  She did really well and let the doctors listen to her heart, check her belly, and check her ears and throat.  There were many other adoption families waiting for appointments as well (and many other adoption families at breakfast as well).  It is such a blessing to see so many families with these little ones, and so many different special needs and ages.  In these surroundings, it is especially evident that adoption is God’s gift to us.

This afternoon we met a woman at the 7-Eleven around the corner (yes, there is a 7-Eleven around the corner) who was adopting their 10th child!  Amazing!!!!  They have adopted one child domestically (US) and nine internationally (Vietnam and China).  All of their internationally adopted kiddos had either cleft lip and / or palate.  Amazing where God leads!!!

Little Miss continues to do really well and has been showing us quite a fun personality.  And, those eyes continue to captivate … we are going to be in serious trouble if she figures out how enamored we are with her eyes … the girl will be able to get away with much mischief!

And, oh how she is going to love hanging out with her big brothers and big sister. 

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Karen Willard said...

Hey Heather! It looks like Nora is doing so well! I can't believe she is standing! She is so adorable. I showed Monroe the picture of Nora and she reached out and touched the computer screen! I think she recognizes her old roomate! We are home now and doing well. I am glad you survived Lanzhou and are now in the home stretch. I would love to meet you and Nora sometime when you get home. We live in Illinois-so we are not too far. Nora's other friend, Lily, lives in Michigan. I pray God's blessing on the rest of your journey. Keep in touch.
Blessings, Karen