Thursday, October 25, 2012

Last Day in Lanzhou {10.25.2012}

Today was our last full day in Lanzhou. Tomorrow we will leave Nora’s province and head to Guangzhou.  While we are eagerly looking forward to the next part of this journey, it is bittersweet leaving Nora’s province, not knowing if she will ever have an opportunity to return.

We spent our morning at Five Springs Park and the zoo.  Five Springs Park was beautiful (it’s on the side of a mountain), so many local people doing such a variety of activities ~ singing, playing instruments, dancing, playing badminton and doing tai chi, just to name a few.  When the tai chi group saw Melody they swarmed around us to admire Nora and ask questions.  They were so very sweet, giving us thumbs up and saying thank you for taking Nora back to the US with us and giving her an opportunity.  It was really very sweet.  We took a lot of photos in Five Springs Park, I’d love to post more, but the speed (or lack thereof) of the internet here may be the death of me, so these will have to suffice for now.
Five Springs Park ~ Select Members of the Tai Chi Fan Club

A View from Five Springs Park

The Zoo ~ Jason Riding a Camel (The Fact that He Got the One with the Pink Bear was Just an Extra Bonus – ha!)

Little Miss


Nikki said...

Do you realize how many people are enamored and smitten with this little sweet pea? She has touched so many in such a brief time. Sending lots of love to all of you! XOXO

Paulette said...

What Nikki said!! :)