Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Blink {Baseball Photographs}

How often I find myself wishing I had my camera or wishing I was faster to get the "perfect" shot to capture a moment.  But, that is just not realistic, and sometimes I find that I put too much pressure on myself to get the "perfect" picture and I end up missing the moment.

I adore Angie Smith.  Love. Her.  I "met" her (never in person, but that would be A.W.E.S.O.M.E.) after Owen's diagnosis, turns out we were in a similar season together.  I've followed her blog since then, and I've read all of her books.  In her most recent book, Mended, and on her blog she describes a beautiful moment when she wished she had a camera.  Instead she took a mental photograph.  Blink.  In a way only Angie could describe, she goes on to "capture" life's moments, the hard, the beautiful, His gift, all of it, with a mental photograph, a blink.

I am trying to intentionally do that (but capturing a few of these mental photographs on this little blog will surely help this aging Mama remember as well).  Some recent moments that I don't want to forget ... most of which seem to have happened at the ballpark or are baseball related (no surprise since we do seem to spend a lot of family time at the ballpark in the summer).

Jack, at a recent game, on the pitcher's mound, muscling his way out of a tight situation and saving himself with a key strikeout.  A little fist pump (not prideful) and sigh of relief as he leaves the pitcher's mound.


Samuel, rounding third base and running to home plate with a cheesy grin on his face after hitting a home run in his coach-pitch league.
Lydia, rationalizing with me that she cannot get different clothes on for Jack's game as she doesn't have any arms (said arms are tucked behind her back).
Nora's look of pure happiness as she gets her first icee-pop at the ballpark concessions.
Jack, on the way to pre-game practice, bowing his head with his cap over his face.

Samuel recovering a fowl ball and turning it in for a quarter which he promptly exchanges for two icee-pops, one for him and one for Lydia.
Lydia and Nora, arms around each other while Lydia "chats" with a little friend at the ballpark who is asking about Nora's lip and Lydia simply explains that Nora's lip was "cut" and is now "fixed".
Lydia sitting on the blanket, chewing her Big League Chew with her baby doll bouncing on her lap, watching her big brother play ball.
Samuel sweetly taking Lydia's hand to walk her to the nearby park for a break from watching Jack's game.
And, there are times when I do have my camera and do capture a few shots such as these.

Jack warming up
Samuel playing catch to pass time
Sisters waiting for the game to begin
Blink ...


Leggio said...

Love how you are capturing every moment with your littles. Looks like a Fun day at the ballpark. :)

Dana said...

Love it! So many fun memories - and I love Lydia's explanation of the cleft lip!!