Monday, July 8, 2013

Celebrating Our Girl {Nora's 2nd Birthday}

This weekend we had the privilege of celebrating our girl.  Nora turned two today!  Last year we had a low-key celebration for Nora, just our little family celebrating with cake as Nora turned one, praying her home and only anticipating the one day when we would get to celebrate her birthday with her HERE, with us.  It is humbling, completely humbling to see how God has brought our family together, the way He has woven our hearts together.  We are filled with gratitude.
Love that this shirt was a gift from my parents last year when we were celebrating Nora's 1st birthday without her here ... thank you, Grandpa and Grandma, Nora wore it proudly today!
Amidst the celebration, I cannot help but wonder how Nora's birth mom feels on this day. Certainly her heart must ache over the loss of her beautiful daughter, the daughter we share. This is a day that we celebrate, but it may also be a day that Nora feels loss as she grows older as she learns more about her birth story. And, there is the part of me that also grieves over what I don't know, what time was she born? How much did she weigh? What did that first cry sound like? So often life is filled with joy and hurt, often beautifully orchestrated together. As I've heard other wise ones say, it is often the hurt that amplifies the joy and makes it that much sweeter.

Confession time, you know, in case it's not obvious, I was a little giddy planning a summer party since the the other kiddos are all fall / winter babies!
"Lawn Art" courtesy of big brother Jack who had been planning to mow Nora's name in the backyard for weeks!
Check out the line of drool ... someone was excited for her very own cupcake!

Happy Birthday, Little Miss!  So thankful for you and all you bring to our family!!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the lawn mowing job!
Happy birthday from the Nygaards!

Matt and Maria said...

Can not believe how good the lawn art is !

Nikki said...

I've been thinking of you today, sweet Nora, and the joy that you've brought and continue to bring to so many lives. It's our great pleasure to know you and love you! Happy 2nd Birthday! XO

Nikki said...

P.S. Pretty porch swing, friend! :)

Robyn said...

Great pics and happy birthday to Nora!

Anonymous said...

The lawn art is awesome! And all the goodies are amazing sporting the red white and blue theme! Fun times! Happy Birthday to Nora!! Hugs - Vaunie

Leggio said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Nora!!!!!! Love the party décor and outfits!!!!! So fun and so happy she is home with her Forever Family and Forever loved.

Amy said...

I'm finally getting on here to check out your celebration of Nora. LOVE it! Your details are always add the perfect touch. Your parties are things I dream about doing and never actually accomplish. :)-

Great job Jack on the lawn art! I am going to have to use that idea.

What a special day.

Amy <3

Kim said...

Beautiful day...your fingerprints all over the details that are breathtaking....but the light in her eye this years pic vs. last years while in orphanage...beyond words!!!!