Sunday, July 21, 2013


I am thankful that the kiddos are content with hand-me-downs.  They (primarily Samuel and Lydia) even look forward to their older siblings (and in Lydia's case, her friends and cousins) passing down outgrown clothes.  Of course, Nora knows no different, but we are sure having fun dressing her in Lydia's hand-me-downs!
Lydia - 16 Months (April 2011)
Nora - 2 years (July 2013)
Lydia - 17 Months (May 2011)
Nora - Nearly 2 (June 2013)
Not only do clothes get handed down in the family, other "stuff" does as well - including bikes.  Jack has always gotten the new bikes, and Samuel and Lydia have graciously grown into Jack's hand-me-down bikes.  For the first time ever, Samuel has outgrown his bike, but Jack has not.  Samuel has been pedaling away this summer on a bike that is clearly too small for him, but he does it with no complaints.  It was quite an exciting day for Samuel when he found out that he would get to pick his own, brand new bike. 
Samuel - July 2013
New Bike ... Jack's Outgrown Shorts and Polo (**Grin**)

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Leggio said...

So so sweet!!!!! I have saved Mia's clothes in case our girl can wear them. :) I always loved doing this with our boys too. :) Hope you are having a good summer.