Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Place Where We Belong {Home, 10.31.2012}

We arrived home yesterday early evening and were so blessed to be welcomed at the airport by family and then welcomed home with many surprises (and a clean house!). 
It was an emotional homecoming, Jason and I were already tearing up during the last flight of our journey.  It was so, so good to hug the kids.  At this point, we were all crying.  Poor Lydia was a bit overwhelmed (and said today that she was sad because Jason and I were crying, bless her heart).  It is amazing the changes in the children in just two weeks.  It seems their independence has grown so much (and, kudos to the Grandmas and Rita for pretty much having Lydia potty-trained!).
Me and My Girls
Nora was a great traveler (thank you to everyone that was praying for this specifically).  But, once we got home and were welcomed by our family at the airport (thank you family and sweet friends), Nora was done and she screamed ... and screamed ... and screamed some more.  Once we got in the car though, she was out and slept through the car ride home and then for a few more hours. 
Me and My Boys
So, how did our first night / day at home go?  Well, after the kids got past yesterday's screaming episode, they are attaching nicely to Nora.  Lydia definitely has the advantage right now and is often holding Nora's hand or right in her face with something to tell her or give her.  Nora doesn't seem to mind.  The boys, however, have had a bit more of a challenge with breaking Nora's shell.  I can only imagine how overwhelming it might be for her (and for them).  The boys are trying hard and have made some progress tonight.  Praying that the bonding continues!

Thank you, Amy, for so graciously sharing in this journey with us and loving on us ... for being my "ghost" blog poster since I couldn't break the China Wall (ha ha) and for taking homecoming photos.  And, thank you again to the Grandmas, Jon & Rita and Jennie who were our primary caregivers while we were gone.  The children had many stories of their adventures with all of you, it is clear that they were loved on.  And, for everyone uplifting us in prayer and loving on us from afar and upon our return, thank you.  We feel incredibly blessed and humbled by your love and encouragement.

More photos to come ...


Nikki said...

{joy} XOXO

Heidi said...

your pictures are priceless!

Bethany said...

Welcome home, sweet Nora!