Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Splish Splash

Look who's in the bath!!!
We have so much to be thankful for, and it has clearly been a time of blessing for us.  In the midst of the every day, we are thankful for a little miss who has just started to sit in the tub and enjoy bathtime!  This is a breakthrough to celebrate! 
One of Nora's fears has been the bath so we have been very quick when giving her baths as she has screamed through them, refusing even to sit down.  Well, this week she discovered the joy of sitting in and splashing in the tub!  Yes, Miss Nora, that's something to clap about!  
 May you find blessings in your every day this Thanksgiving season as well!  And, Happy One Month with your crazy new family, Nora Jane!


Nikki said...

Clapping with Miss Nora and your family; celebrating God's grace and goodness shown in so many ways. Lots of love to the Ls ~ Happy, Happy Thanksgiving! XO

Anonymous said...

How has a whole month + gone by already???? So sweet that little Miss Nora - and I'm sure you are all just appreciating each new adjustment!! Hugs & blessings - Vaunie

Leggio said...

She is sooooooo sweet. My good friend named her adoptive daughter Nora too. It is just a precious name. Love her beautiful smile. it took Mia awhile to get used to taking a bath probably a couple of months. :)Glad she is doing well.