Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Painted Piggies

Oddly enough I have been quite hesitant to paint Lydia's toenails (yes, she had her ears pierced at one year, but has not yet had painted toenails).  That is, until last week.

When my niece Ellison had conquered potty training I took her on a little girl's date which included a stop to get our toenails painted. Lydia has nearly conquered potty training so we went on a little date to a nail place.  Totally worth the $5 just to get these sweet photos and to cherish the awe on Lydia's face as she watched the lady do her magic. 

 It is also worth noting that Lydia nearly chose blaze orange before settling on this sparkly deep purple.  Love this girl!


Luciana said...

I love her cute piggies!!! Stylish babe.

Nikki said...

The face says it all. XO

Elizabeth said...

love love love this picture of her :)

Kim said...

so cute...and I am jealous of the potty training progress;)

Curious at to why the hesitation? is it the toxic part? Are you familiar with piggy paints?

No odor- nontoxic. It is featured on Zulily periodically or overstock so I get a better deal;)

Renee said...

she is too cute! Love the pretty toes :)

Bethany said...

So sweet, Heather!!