Saturday, December 1, 2012

Flipping the Calendar

Today we flipped the calendar to December which just seems impossible!  December brings with it a whole lotta busyness.  But good busyness ~ lots of Christmas tradition leading up to the celebration of Jesus' birth, the celebration of two of the LilyKids growing another year older, the start of Jack's basketball games, school concerts and more.  As I was looking at the calendar today it was inevitable to notice that this month also brings doctor and therapist appointments, and, gulp, surgery. 

When we were reviewing Nora's referral in June and even before that, when we knew that our hearts were open to a cleft kiddo, I, admittedly, always thought that this special need was "fixable" and that "all" we would have to do is get surgery scheduled upon return from China, and we would be good to go.  Now that Nora is home I cannot even believe I once thought that ... so naive and so unaware of the complete infatuation I would have with Nora's beautifully lopsided smile.  (And, on a side note, how could I ever describe God's perfect knitting of my daughter as fixable - ugh).

In less than three weeks, Nora will be changed forever and with that comes so many emotions.  Yesterday Ashley posted this, I encourage you to pop over to her amazing blog and read this post.  Ashley has quite eloquently put into words much of what I am feeling as we anticipate all of the change that this month will bring.  An excerpt from Ashley's post is as follows (her sweet Little One will have surgery in January). 

From Ashley's blog"Right now I am celebrating and rejoicing in my daughter. I will soak in every single sweet clefty smile I can get before surgery in January. And when the day comes that I have to kiss her sweet lips one last time before a doctor changes them, I will bawl like a baby. And then I will walk in gratitude that we have the means to provide surgery for our daughter because in my head I know that is best for her. I just wish my heart felt the same. Bittersweet….gloriously made."

Thank you, Ashley, for expressing so beautifully what my heart is feeling.

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Anonymous said...

Heather, Nora is such a cutie! You have a beautiful family-have a lovely Christmas season!