Friday, December 7, 2012

Birthday Boy {Samuel, 8 Years}

How can my tow-headed boy be eight?  Our Samuel, how he brings us joy.  Samuel plays his part in our family so well, he is a kind little brother and an oh-so-helpful big brother.  I love that he steps into the roles he's been given so beautifully.  Of course, there is the normal (it's not just our family, right?) bickering that happens between Samuel and his siblings, but when he's on, he's on and the love in his tender heart is so evident.

Samuel is reserved at times and full out crazy at other times.  He has antics that make us burst into laughter.  For instance, he has started making little videos of himself.  Here is a recent one, where Lydia also guest stars.
And, in case you didn't quite catch it, it's "this is for my information, go to samuel(dot)lydia(dot)com, just click on the right side corner and say VIDEO."  Yes, his antics are often sometimes borderline obnoxious, but they certainly have a way of getting our attention.

Samuel's smile is contagious, with his disappearing eyes and slight dimple.  And, his laughter is hard to resist.  As he continues to change and grow in front of us, it is getting harder and harder to let go and not hold him closer.
Happy 8th Birthday, Sammers! 
We thank God for you and the joy you bring us!


Amy said...

Too cute! Katie likes to make videos like that too. Always fun to find. I'm thankful for the technology to capture all of these little things so easily forgotten otherwise. The videos we have of us as kids pale in comparison.

Still can't get over how much Samuel has changed in one year. Wow!

And of course unfortunately there is bickering in every family. :(

Have a very Happy Birthday Samuel!


Nikki said...

8 already? That's just crazy amazing. Thinking of you all as you celebrate, L family! Happy Birthday, Samuel!