Thursday, December 27, 2012

Coveting a Sewing Machine {Lydia's Wings}

I don't have a sewing machine.  I think I might want one.  Since having Lydia I have often commented "if only I could sew" ... imagine the cute little ruffle pants, peasant tops, apron knot dresses, hairbands, etc. I could just whip up.  But, I can't sew, and I don't have a sewing machine (hence my slight obsession with Etsy for special occasion outfits for the girls). 

I love the cleft adoption community I have found online.  I have "met" some amazing moms of cleft kiddos.  And, I love that they are all super creative and crafty.  That said, when I saw these wings on Ashley's blog, I felt like I had to make these for Lydia for her birthday.  I love that Ashley describes her cutting and sewing as "wonky" ... love that.  As I was cutting and sewing I often found myself chuckling at my wonkiness as well. 

Anyhow, I got it in my head that I needed to make these for Lydia's birthday.  Never mind that I don't have a sewing machine!  So, first step, find someone to borrow me a sewing machine.  Checked with the family and unfortunately everyone that has one has one that is not portable.  So, what is one to do?  We are blessed with lovely friends that happen to be neighbors.  I put out a note to borrow not a cup of flour, nor an egg or two, but a sewing machine.  I love the responses I got!  And, I love that one of the ladies did have one I could borrow.  Awesome!  (Thanks, Julie!)

I pretty much did follow Ashley's directions and did use the original instructions in Erin's blog as well.  I was excited to finish the wings, after many late nights of wonky cutting and sewing, in time for Lydia's birthday.  The boys were just as excited as I was to give her the wings.  And, I just had to laugh, so as not to cry, as the girl was NOT nuts over them.  In fact, she didn't even want to try them on.  Samuel did though (no surprises there). So, Samuel modeled them which did peak Lydia's interest.  She decided she did want to try them on, and she entertained me long enough to get some photos.  For now, the wings are tucked in her closet, ready for her to take flight ... when she's ready. 

Here is my "little" project in photos.
Here she is ... ah, bliss! 
This little machine made me feel like I was in home ec class again! 
Love it!  And, it worked so great! 
And, I think this is so spectacular, this is the user's guide for the machine I borrowed.  Seriously feeding the home ec memories!
While I tried a bit to find some vintage sheets at thrift stores, I ended up purchasing fabric at a local fabric store.  And, taking Ashley's advice, I purchased the felt from Benzie on Etsy.  Oh my, I will never think of felt the same again.  This stuff was amazing!
Love this little stinker and love her in her wings!  Hoping that one day she will love her wings as much as I do.  While this was a labor of love, it was one that I really, really enjoyed!  So, perhaps one day I will invest in a sewing machine, no matter how wonky my sewing!


Amy said...

Love the wings! They turned out so beautiful! Glad you were able to laugh in spite of your disappointment.

I have a feeling your little girl is very similar to mine in how particular she is. She knows what she likes and what she doesn't and her taste is not often like my own. Maybe time will change that? Or maybe it is another lesson for me to learn in this journey of motherhood. :)

Renee said...

I Love the wings! Your talent is amazing :) I can feel your disappointment in the fact that Lydia wasn't as excited as you. I've experienced that way to often with Brooklyn. Her style is so different than mine. I think, that's a girl for you :)

Bethany said...

Beautiful, Heather! They turned out so nice. What a treasure for the girls to cherish!