Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Birthday Girl {Lydia, 3 Years}

I recognize that today is a blogging day of silence as respect is paid to lives lost and as the nation mourns, what a tragedy ... so thankful that we have a sovereign God.  On this day, I am also thankful for the little ones God has entrusted us with ... for now.  And, I am so thankful that we can celebrate Lydia.

Little Miss Lydia turns three today and as I type that I can hardly even believe it myself.  It seems like just yesterday that Jason was making the calls from the hospital, announcing her arrival.  Ah, one of my favorite memories!  With the exception of Owen, we never found out the sex of our babies as we loved the surprise.  And, during my pregnancy with Lydia, we just assumed it was another boy ... after having three boys, it was a safe assumption, or so we thought.  When we had Lydia, we were AMAZED that we had a girl.  So back to that sweet day and memory of Jason making the calls, he very deliberty gave all of the necessary baby details (time, weight, length), saving an important detail for the end ~ I can still hear him "... and we named HER Lydia ..." after that, I distinctly remember hearing many shrieks from the recipients of the news.  Such a sweet memory.
And, such a sweet little girl we have been blessed with.  Lydia cracks us up with her silly faces and the funny things that she says.  Lydia is a little mommy in the making, she love, love, loves her baby dolls.  She also loves to be doing what her big brothers are doing which entails playing games on ipods (sadly, I think the girl knows more about my phone than I do).
We celebrated Samuel and Lydia's birthdays together earlier this month (so thankful that both Samuel and Lydia are happy to share their party with one another).  We are so blessed!
 What a gift you are, Sweet Baby Girl! 
Happy Birthday!  We love you! 


Nikki said...

Remembering with much joy! Happy 3rd Birthday, sweetie girl! XO

Melissa said...

I love the pictures. Especially the first and last. So cute. Happy Birthday, Lydia!

Jen Cruz said...

Hi Heather! Its been awhile since I stopped by to catch up on the blog. Happy Birthday to Lydia and Samuel!! I am wishing you and your beautiful family a very blessed and Merry Christmas!!! And happy new year as well!!! I will be sending prayers of healing for Nora's surgery and hope all goes well!