Monday, December 10, 2012

O' Christmas Tree

Not a Christmas season goes by that I don't refer to my husband as Clark Griswold.  This season will be no exception.  This weekend we, perhaps, started a new tradition that I'm quite sure the Griswolds would be proud of.
We do not have any great tradition around getting our Christmas tree every year.  My uncle and cousin are both Christmas tree "farmers" and thus we were pretty loyal in going to their tree lots to buy our tree every year until a few years ago when we started getting a little lazy and started just stopping by Home Depot and buying our tree there (nice trees but not necessarily the photo op tradition that I would love).  Years ago, when it was just Jason, Jack and I, we even tried to go cut down our tree, but I was, let's just say, a little too particular.
This weekend we found ourselves bundling up and heading out for a family walk.  I carried Nora in the carrier and pushed Lydia in the stroller.  The boys scootered, and Jason walked the dog ... and, he pulled an empty wagon.  We live approximately one mile from our small-town grocery store.  At said grocery store, my cousin has a small tree lot.  Yes, we walked to the tree lot, picked a "perfect" tree and headed back home with tree in tow.  Ha!  We got a few honks and lots of smiles. 
Jack, seeing as he is the "coolest" of the bunch had a few comments about being a bit embarrassed, but he was a trooper (and secretly, I think he enjoyed the trek to our tree this year).
This is the one!
 All loaded up and ready to trek home.
Love this new tradition that we may have inadvertently started!
Little Miss slept through most of this adventure.
My sweet vantage point of Nora in the carrier. 


Nikki said...

Smiling here, too, as I visualize the sight. LOVE it! XOXO

manymasons said...

How fun! I almost want to give up our tradition and make it more simple like that. Great looking tree too! Funny I hadn't read this but also posted about our "perfect tree" 😉 So how does Miss Nora like the tree? Simon is much better thankfully!

Leggio said...

Merry Christmas!!!!!! Love new traditions. Hope you are doing well, it looks like things are going great.