Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oral Aversion? I Guess Not!

Disclaimer:  I know that not all of my posts are all that interesting (ha, maybe even none of them!), and I'm really humbled that some others enjoy reading what I have to say.  I started this blog when I was ready to put our story in writing after losing Owen, and I have continued this blog to capture daily family life.  I would love to journal, really journal - pen to paper (pure bliss that would be as I have a great affection for paper, pretty notebooks and pens).  However, I don't journal.  So, this blog, in a sense, is my journal.  I won't be offended if you don't want to read about Nora's eating detailed below, but I do want to capture this stage for us, so as not to forget.

You may recall me talking all big about putting Nora through a rapid-fire feeding as if she were six months old here.  Well, Amy gently gave me advice that she didn't think I needed to be by the book, and that is essentially exactly what our pediatrician told us this week.  The order of foods was my greatest concern, I wasn't concerned about Nora actually eating.  Until this past weekend ...

This weekend, we tried some baby food.  And, we tried the beloved puffs that our other children loved.  Nora resisted, big time.  And, I did a little research and began to wonder if Nora had an oral aversion, which would not be unusual for a cleft baby.  Jason and I had never seen her put anything in her mouth before either (except her beloved thumb and her bottle).  I was beginning to worry (I know, I know, need to trust and place it at His feet but my Mama's heart was tired) if Nora could possibly be getting what she needs being on just a toddler formula.

On Monday, our pediatrician reassured us that we could continue to try to get Nora acclimated with a spoon and trying baby food, but also confirmed that we should not stress about this.  She advised that Nora can learn to eat foods after her surgery.  Was it the renewed sense of calm or was it just a God-thing (likely the latter)?  We do know that some have specifically been praying for just this (thank you, friends) ...

On Tuesday as Jason, Lydia and I were eating lunch we put Nora in the high chair and decided to let her play with a few puffs and a spoon, and I took a chance and got the baby yogurt out.  Her response was the big 'ole birdy mouth!  Love. It.  The girl made some great faces and tried to feed herself puffs.  She's still not sure about those and will often push them out of her cleft with her tongue (which had us all laughing as we had her show off for the boys at dinner time!). 
When the puffs kept getting stuck to her fingers, Nora found an alternative way to get them in her mouth. 
She is one smart cookie!  Love this girl and the dynamic she has added to our family!


Nikki said...

Yay, Nora! XOXO
{and I happen to delight in all the details---even eating} :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather! Glad to hear everything is going well! I would love to catch up with you and hear about your journey. I am sure Monroe and Nora have lots of similarities being that they were roomies! She is so precious and glad to hear she is eating now.
You can try and contact me through facebook or my blog.

Melanie said...

What a beautiful demonstration of God's mercy! I do like reading your posts, so please keep posting!

Renee said...

I LOVE reading each and every post! I love to be reminded to look for God in EVERYTHING!

Jen Cruz said...

I am just now catching up on your blog and Nora's arrival to America and her new home. I love all the pictures of her with her family!!! I am so happy for you all and wish only great happy moments from here on out! Congrats again on your new daughter. You are truly blessed!


Dana said...

Totally impressed with her eating and gross motor skills!!! Amazing!!! What a little fighter!