Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sportin' a 'Stache and Some Perspective

One week and two days post surgery, and Nora continues to be a trooper.  This past Wednesday she had her lip sutures removed and now has steri-strips on her lip.  Between the "no-no's" and steri-strips, she is a site!  Both of which are part of life until at least the 24th when she goes back to the surgeon for her post-op.  The steri-strips are supposed to stay on for 1-2 days before needing to be replaced.  I think the 2 days was a bit of an exaggeration as replacing them every day doesn't always seem enough!  Replacing steri-strips on an 18-month old is not fun (but, each time we do it, I think of our friends whose daughter has Epidermolysis Bullosa and the dressing changes they have done, I am in awe, my friends, this is nothing compared to what you have done for your daughter!).

Here is Little Miss sporting her steri-strips ... like a little mustache.  This is the cleanest they ever are, right after they are put on!  Needless to say, her "new" nostril is a bit of a leaking machine!
Sleep continues to be a scarce commodity, but we are functioning!  And, our perspective is changing as each day goes by.  I will always miss Nora's clefty smile (or her diva smile as a friend so appropriately described it); however, as the days go by and as Nora is feeling more and more like herself we are seeing her somewhat mischievous and strong-willed personality coming back.  Love it!  And, her face is lighting up when she does smile and giggle.  She has a dimple high on her right cheek that we adore, and it's back!  (Not captured on these photos yet).
A dear friend sent me a note, gently reminding me of the love that will grow for Nora's "new" smile, even as we miss her old smile.  A reminder that this "new" little face is the one we'll take to kindergarten, the one who will get her driver's license, the one who will graduate from high school, the one that Jason will walk down the aisle one day.  As my friend said, "so many good things to look forward to with Nora's fancy, dancy new smile."  Love you, friend!  Thank you for that perspective!


Paulette said...

Great post.....always love to read how things are going, see photos. Love to see her smile returning, and that light in her eyes---what a sweetheart!

Perspective really does help us see things in the right light.

Dana said...

She looks great! I know it is tough without sleep - hang in there! I bought the squeezy spoon today - thanks for the hint!

Elizabeth said...

so pretty :) she looks so 'at home' <3

Jana said...

I am so enjoying following Nora's surgery and recovery and your honest feelings on the entire process. We are adopting a beautiful cleft baby from China and I appreciate reading the good, the bad, and the not so pretty (nostril leakage-cracked me up!) Nora is a beauty!

Melanie said...

She is looking SO great, Heather! LOVE the 'stache! Those pics will be good for her wedding day!