Tuesday, January 8, 2013

She Continues to Amaze

Nora is doing remarkably well, it is so evident that she is a fighter.  While not completely back to herself (still swollen a bit and obviously still uncomfortable), we are starting to see glimpses of our Nora.  And, we have started to get some lopsided smiles.
We are still, however, mourning the loss of Nora's BIG clefty smile that so beautifully represented her big personality.  I know that I've eluded to this before, but I never would have predicted how my heart would ache missing Nora's cleft.  This may be hard for others to understand, but we miss her as we fell in love with her, as she was created. 

Bittersweet, a word that I perhaps overused to describe so many aspects of our journey with Owen.  And, here it is, surfacing again.  All of the above said, we are so aware of how this surgery and the incredible work of the surgeon is a life changing gift that will change Nora's future, evoking fewer stares, whispers and the like.  I look at Nora's "new" seamless top lip and cannot help but be in awe. 
And, it really goes without saying that her "new" little button nose is quite adorable and quite similar to that of her brothers and sister.  Another bonus, the extra cuddling and comfort she has been wanting from Jason and I has been the best. We are still figuring out some things (namely in the feeding and sleep areas). And, admittedly, I am grateful for coffee these days (with maybe too much creamer).
Tomorrow morning we head back to Milwaukee for Nora's suture removal on her lip (removed shortly following surgery to minimize scarring).  All of the other sutures, inside her lip and mouth, are dissolvable.  Praying that this will be Nora's last time under anesthesia for a while!


Kim said...

What a beautiful smile to start my morning! Praying for more strength, ease with feeding, sleeping, soothing, and the aching that makes total sense to me. (((hugs)))

Nikki said...

I think mamas all the world over can understand the bittersweet passing of one phase or stage to another; the farewell to what was and the embrace of the beauty that is now and is to come. Hugs to you, mama. Continuing to pray for strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow. Love you... XO