Thursday, January 24, 2013

No-no's No More!

Today was a big day for Miss Nora as we ventured down to Children's for her post-op.  The most exciting part of the visit - restrictions are lifted!  No more no-no's and no more taping her lip!
At the start of her appointment, no-no's are still on as is tape!  
And, yes, she's working it ~ giving us her sad eyes and face!
Photos on this post are from my phone so not the best, but you get the idea.  It is truly remarkable what our surgeon did for Nora (yes, I still miss her clefty smile, but I realize that this is what is necessary for her).  All looked well with Nora's healing.  Her palate was very wide before, and our surgeon did "warn" us before surgery that closing it completely in one surgery might not be possible.  After surgery he was fairly optimistic but did tell us that he really had to stretch everything tight.  He noticed today that she does have a very small hole in her palate, but we wait and see what that means over the course of the next year.
And, because I know that some of you like talking about nose leakage, we also wait and see on the nose leakage.  Another example of why I'm lovin' our surgeon, he is relaxed about all of this, but he understands the emotional side of it as well giving an example of how we will not have her going to Kindergarten with a leaky nose.  Yes, this is true!

We do have "homework" where we need to massage her scar a few times a day.  You may notice that her lip is pulled up slightly, her scar may temporarily pull it up more in the next few months.  We may also see her scar get more red.  It sounds like her scar will likely change in the next year, perhaps getting worse and then getting better.  Looking at it now though is quite amazing.
 One of her tricks - scrunching her nose on demand
Thank you to everyone who has been encouraging us and praying for us during this time of recovery!  Love you all!


Dana said...

Freedom! What a blessing! She looks great - hope she sleeps well for you!

Mary Beth said...

Nora is beautiful! I love her scrunchy nose. :)