Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dates with the Kids

Simple math and it's evident that we are outnumbered!  One of the challenges of being outnumbered is finding one-on-one time with each of the kids, time to connect and just focus on each of them individually.  Thus, we try to find time to "date" each of the kids.  Knowing that my full-time return to work was impending (last week), I tried to get in a date with each of the kids in the weeks leading up to my return to work.

Jack's pick was to try the new frozen yogurt place in town.  This was also his "IOU" birthday one-on-one with me since we were in China on his birthday, and birthday tradition is that I take the kids to birthday breakfast before school.  We were going to do birthday breakfast, but with his earlier school start this year getting up even earlier is not something either of us were excited about.  So, he chose an afternoon date.  I would have liked to take a photo, but he likely would have been mortified seeing as this new place seemed to be where lots of teens hang out after school!  I thought I would spare him of being "that mom" ... at least this time (ha!).

Samuel's pick was to go to a movie over Christmas break, just Samuel and I.  I cannot even remember the last time we went to a movie so this was a real treat for Samuel.  Again, no photo.  Jeepers, the boys really seem to be appearing less and less in my little bloggy world here!  I'll need to work on that!

This past weekend, Lydia and I got to go to a baby shower together.  So sweet to get dressed up together and be with a sweet group of other moms and girls.  Once Lydia got past the fact that the baby had not yet made his entrance and was still in Ms. Jennie's belly, she had a fantastic time at her first baby shower (it helped that she was a bit doted on by the other girls there who are Jack's classmates).
And, Nora and I ... well, our "dates" often entail visiting a doctor or middle of the night snuggling!   She is definitely getting her fair share of dates!

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