Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nora's 18-Month Stats

Little Miss had her 18-month wellness exam today (she was 18-months last week, on the 8th).  I know I've mentioned it before, but I just love and trust our pediatrician so much, and I love how well she knows our family and our children (all five of them).  Today not only did she give Nora her exam, but she also gave Jason and I a boost of confidence in how well Nora is adjusting.  This isn't always easy for us to see but to get an outsider's perspective is quite encouraging as our pediatrician was one of the first to meet Nora when we returned to the states nearly three months ago.
A few minutes of freedom from the no-no's
Now, onto Miss Nora.  Developmentally Nora "tests" at about 10-months with emerging 12-month skills.  BUT, she is growing developmentally by leaps and bounds every day.  Because of this, at this time, she isn't being recommended for occupational or physical therapy.  We will, however, keep working with an early childhood instructor in our community to set goals and continue to "encourage" Nora to grow.

On the speech side, Nora "tests" at about 6-months.  This will be one of our most challenging areas.  We have a lovely speech therapist who will be coming to our house to work with Nora (and us) a couple of times a month.  Not only will she help with speech, but she will help with eating as well as Nora continues to learn to use her new, rearranged lip and her palate.
Hey Girl, what's so funny?
Now, onto one of my favorite things - her stats!  Nora is 18 pounds, 6 ounces (not on the charts yet, but we expect that will change as she continues to recover).  And, she is 30 inches long (just barely on the charts - 8th percentile).  
Um, yes, we are watching you!
Four immunizations today as our pediatrician is getting her caught up, poor baby.
She is a mischievous little beauty, and we love her so!


Anonymous said...

Truly, the cutest outfit ever! So glad to see Nora getting her spunk and smile back :-) Christine

Nikki said...

Oh, her eyes are shining again!!! So awed each time I see her---which reminds me it's been too long now. I miss her. Anyhow, it's evident she's thriving, and I'm glad your pediatrician was able to offer you perspective and encouragement in that respect. XOXO

Dana said...

SO cute!!!

Bridgett said...

Congratulations, your daughter is just beautiful. I am another AWAA mom and found your blog through the yahoo group. Our daughter will be 18 months soon, and we can't wait to go get her, hopefully in March. Waiting on Article 5. I was wondering if I could ask you about how you made your blog work while in China? I have a blogger blog and would like to be totally prepared for any bumps in the road, did you use VPN or did you blog through gmail, or did you have someone in the states post for you? I so enjoyed reading through your travel posts and would so love to write my own while we are there.
God bless you and your dear sweet family.
Bridgett Morgan