Monday, December 30, 2013

Girl's Day

Lydia and I headed down to Chicago on Friday to spend the day and night with my dear friend Robyn.  It was a real treat to be able to spend that much one-on-one time with one of the kiddos and to be able to catch up with one of my besties.
We had amazing weather and were able to explore Robyn's neighborhood, enjoy some yummy treats, and just hang out.  While Lydia had some to-be-expected 4 year old moments, she did great.  When we got home Saturday afternoon she questioned why "Girl's Day" was only one day, and she was convinced that we would be heading to Robyn's again the next day so that we could paint our nails (this is the plan for the next Girl's Day).  
Thankful for these precious days with my eldest daughter
and my sweet friend!
And, meanwhile, at home, the boys had a "date" with Grandma Goose!  And, Jason had the boys and Nora out at a local sledding hill. 

Fun was had by all!!!


Leggio said...

What a sweet time with Lydia and special friend. Happy New Years!!!!

Robyn said...

Come back ANYTIME!!! Was so great to have you both here! :) xxoo