Saturday, January 4, 2014

Her Voice

Today we are reflecting back to a year ago when we were kissing Nora's big clefty smile one last time and waiting for her to come out of surgery.  I clearly remember holding her in recovery and crying silent tears over how the surgeon had changed her.  They were tears of gratitude, tears of fear and tears of grief. 

Now, a year later, she has found her voice.  And, that is a gift.  She has a belly laugh that is infectious.  She does fierce imitations of animals.  And, she proudly calls herself by name and names each of her family members.  That is, perhaps, the most precious gift.
I marvel at how far along Nora has come, she may still be behind in speech, but she is a warrior.  She is our warrior.

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Nikki said...

Smiling at the screen through teary eyes. So thankful for the joy of knowing and loving your little warrior. xo