Friday, January 17, 2014

Preschool Perspectives

Lydia started school this year, a preschooler ... still makes me pause to wonder how that happened.  We have been blessed to be able to have each of the LilyKids go the John Michael Kohler Arts Center preschool for one year, before entering our school district.  This is Lydia's year.  We love this program. 
Last weekend, "Preschool Perspectives" opened, a tradition of the preschool is to exhibit the work of the children in one of the galleries for a few weeks. 

JMKAC has many unique opportunities for children (as well as families and adults too).  We've also done Toddler Art Time with each of the kids, Nora will get her turn later this Spring.  If you click on the link you may just see this photo of Jason and Samuel (from approximately 7 years ago) which the Arts Center still uses for publications and such.  This is one of my faves!   
It's clear we love the Arts Center, but we are debating breaking tradition this fall.  This summer Nora will turn three, and she would be entering the program in the fall.  But, we are considering our options and whether this program or an early learning program in our school district would be better for her and her continued speech and development journey before she "formally" starts school. 
Decisions, decisions ...    

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