Wednesday, December 18, 2013

And, then she was four ...

Today our girl turns four.  Every year on this day I cannot help but think back to 12/18/2009 and our precious doc delivering our first baby girl.  It still makes me all misty-eyed (I love our boys like crazy, it was just such a shock to have a girl, and that made the surprise that much sweeter).
Let's talk about Lydia ... she is a joy, no doubt.  She is also strong-willed, a tad on the defiant side and stubborn beyond belief (I'm still trying to figure out where she gets it from ... quiet Mom, no comments allowed).  But, she loves big (much like her brothers). 

I heard another mom refer to her daughter as spirited.  This is totally Lydia - spirited.  (Said mom also mentions that there is something to be said to what a spirited child does for your soul, your faith, and your gray hair - amen sister.) 
Lydia makes us laugh, part of it is her age, part of it is just her.  Not everyone has this insider view as Lydia is a homebody - definitely most comfortable with her family, quite shy in new settings and in school.  But quite pleased to be able to bring birthday treats to school for the very first time ever!
 The dynamic that Lydia adds to our family is one that I am so thankful for.

Baby Girl, we love you!  Happy 4th Birthday!


Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Cutie Pie!!!

Robyn said...

First, Happy Birthday to Lydia!!!! Second, seriously friend… look at those birthday treats. You continue to amaze me and the other mothers must just cringe when they see the fabulously creative delights you come up with!!!


Leggio said...

Happy Fourth Birthday Lydia!!!! She is a doll.