Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Circle Top {or, the tree skirt ... it's all about perspective}

It is tradition that we wait until after Samuel and Lydia's birthday party to put up our Christmas tree.  So, this past weekend, after the party was done and cleaned up, we did just that.  It was late Sunday afternoon when we had the tree up, lights on and ornaments in process ... and, the boys were getting all loopy and needed to burn energy ... and, the girls were content to continue "rearranging" "my" ornaments.

Well, at one point of said loopiness of the boys, this is how Jack gets my attention:
Yes, that is a tree skirt.  And, this would have been quite enough entertainment in itself without the commentary that came with it - "Look Mom, it's the new circle top from Justice, it's all the rage."

So many things to say about this comment ... let's just start here, why does my 12-year old son know what a circle top is?  And, why does he know that this would be something purchased at Justice?  Too much attention to girls.  We're in trouble.


Nikki said...

Haha...both you and Kim mentioned Justice today. I had to look it up. Sometimes it's more obvious that I'm outnumbered in this house than others. ;)

Elizabeth said...

haha Justice! You're in trouble!