Sunday, December 15, 2013

Two Peas in a Pod {more hand-me-downs}

Perhaps I should just do a whole series on hand-me-downs since I seem to have many posts about them!  Lydia discovered this shirt in what is left of the boys too small box ... and, she was quite excited to find out that Samuel had Jack's and it still just fits!  Nothing like being matchy-matchy with your big brother!  These two three make me smile!
December 2013
Samuel - 9
Lydia - Nearly 4
(And, Nora 2 1/2 ... she is our photo bomber!)
December 2007
Samuel - 3
Jack - 6**
**Yes, Jack is wearing the same shirt at 6 that Samuel is wearing at 9 ... Jack did wear the shirt a few years ... sadly, Samuel outgrew his ... thankfully they have a little sister who has an affection for their hand-me-downs.

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