Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkin Carvin' 2013

Another first for Nora ~ pumpkin carving and painting this past week.  And, I love that Samuel and Nora dressed for the occasion (purely coincidental).
This girl is fearless in so many respects (while at the same time having some unexplainable fears like the cracks in wood planking / playgrounds), she just dug into the bowl of pumpkin "guts"! 
Jason, Jack and Nora are going to have to be the designated "scoopers" every year (the rest of us are happy to let others take care of that step of pumpkin carving!).  
Utilizing a technique learned from the cousins last year while we were in China, love that the kiddos have the memories of their time with the Grandmas and their Uncle, Aunt and Cousins so vivid!


On pumpkin carving day the LilyKids received a package in the mail, super fun trick or treat bags from Elizabeth.  Love that she surprised the kiddos and love that she so accurately pegged each of their personalities!
And, that was pumpkin carving 2013.

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