Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Nora Update {September 2013}

It's been a while since I've posted a Nora update, here's what Little Miss has been up to:

Growing - she is on the charts for both weight and height now, weighing in at approximately 24 pounds and measuring approximately 33 inches - you go girl!

Visiting the Doctor - and none of the visits had anything to do with cleft!  In the past few weeks Nora has been to the pediatrician on two separate occasions and to the dermatologist once, all for mysterious bumps that are just finally going away after more than a month.  We have stumped them all - the most likely culprit is some sort of bug bite that based on her immune system or lack thereof she has had a reaction.  Regardless, I am happy to say that this ailment seems to be nearing its end.

Included in the recent doctor visits is a visit to the pediatrician after big sister ran her over (purely an accident and Lydia vows that "I will not run Nora over again with my bike").  The training wheel went over Nora's foot causing extreme swelling, bruising and a limp.  After waiting a day, we decided we better take her in ... an x-ray confirmed nothing broken, just extreme bruising.  How is it that we have two active (well, one really active and one semi-active) boys, and we have never had to have potential broken bone x-rays???  This girl!

Finding her voice - Nora is making baby steps with speech.  Ironically, the one word that she says quite clearly and with a bit of attitude is "NO" ... seriously!  God has such an amazing sense of humor - here we are in our naive state thinking we have a daughter that likely has traits that will make her more reserved, more quiet ... WRONG!  This girl has spunk!  And, she is so similar to our other loud and crazy children (God knew she would need a voice to find her place in this family!).

Developing odd insecurities (which kind of make us laugh ... in the most loving sense possible) - just this past week, Nora has developed a fear of walking on planked surfaces or surfaces with holes in them.  She gets to the top of the playhouse, and she is paralyzed by the boards / planks, at the park she climbs the ladder to the slide, gets to the platform and freezes.  Just two weeks ago she was completely fine.  Her statuesque state in these situations makes us giggle though, and we kind of enjoy the snuggling / nestling into us that happens when we rescue her.

Gaining securities - in the past month, Nora has started going to Sunday School with Lydia which means that both Jason and I get to sit through community worship and service together - hallelujah!  Nora has also stayed with Grandma with a few hours (her first caregiver aside from us and aside from the occasional times that Jack stayed with her this summer - after he "graduated" from his babysitting class with his buddies).  And, she has done great!

Becoming a picky eater - she is definitely going through the picky eater toddler stage, but I'm thankful that she is still a good eater.  Some cleft kiddos have extreme oral aversions, but not our girl.  Her issue is not food ... it's sleep (or lack thereof).

NOT sleeping - yes, that's right ... home nearly a year (can you believe it?), and the girl has slept through the night once ... just once ... I have heard from others that the year mark was a turning point, and a sensible friend reminded me that every child is different, a gentle reminder that sleeping through the night may not magically happen next month (thankful for realistic and practical friends, but still praying that the one year mark is like magic - ha).

Thankful for this healthy, spunky little girl
that we get to call daughter!  


Leggio said...

Oh my goodness. The not sleeping through the night can be brutal. Praying that happens soon. :) so funny we thought Mia would be quiet and reserved. Lol we should have known better. Glad she is growing and being loved by her forever family. Love from the lone star state

Kim said...

Yay- sunday school! We've only been to one church service and I thought to myself, "Hmmm...worship sort of worked, but otherwise, I think I might not really hear a sermon unless is a podcase for a LONG time;)" Praying for sleep. I can't imagine.