Sunday, September 29, 2013

Getting All Crafty

I have a fondness for note cards and stationary ... really all paper products, and I like to have a variety of fun and pretty cards on hand to send out little notes of encouragement.   Yesterday the girls I got to spend the afternoon with two of my beautiful friends, a treat for sure.  And, an outing that I wanted to follow-up with some good old fashion notes ... through the US postal service (sorry girls, I'm ruining any surprise of snail mail this week).

Well, I didn't have anything in my stash that I was loving, so while Little Miss napped this afternoon Lydia and I got our craft on!  Inspired by this post (and, of course, originating from Pinterest, where else, right?), we made Autumn note cards.  Jack joined us for a while and got his craft on, but he escaped before I could take any photos of him.  He has a lot of artistic, creativity in him, but he doesn't want to be published on mom's blog painting with q-tips with his little sister (and, I think he's sensing more and more when potential photos now may show up say in 2020 at a certain senior's graduation party)!  

I must say that I am loving how these turned out, and Lydia is quite proud as well (as is Jack, and Samuel thinks they are cool, but not cool enough to convince him that he could also get his craft on!).


Elizabeth said...

So LOVED spending time with you guys on Saturday!!! Hi to the boys!

Amy said...

I saw those on pinterest too! Very cute. Way too many fun projects on there. If only we could spend more time crafting. :)