Saturday, September 21, 2013

12-Mile Family Ride

Today we did the Maywood Earth Ride, it's a "quick" 12-miles which is perfect for the boys (well, for the little boys ... Jason was remembering when he used to do the 100 mile route).  It was perfect for the girls as well as they were being pulled behind while enjoying their treats from the rest stop. 
It's proven, all children go through the cheesy smile phase -
Little Miss is totally there!

Race Day Prep - "How does my helmet look?" 
You're not surprised that she wears the least girly helmet we have, are you?
Staying hydrated in the "balmy" 60 degree sun ...
chilly and a bit windy, but truly a beautiful near-Autumn day!
The post-ride activities were fun too!
Our non-sports boy is a surprisingly talented hula-hooper
Maywood Earth Ride ~ September 21st, 2013

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Dana said...

Wow - so impressive! Love the pictures!!!